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KeepTruckin has
formally released two products it first announced at the Great American Trucking
Show last month. The Asset Gateway and dual facing Smart Dashcam are now available
for purchase.

The Asset Gateway helps streamline trailer dispatch by
automatically pulling location reports on all assets so managers can pick the
proper trailer to dispatch, saving time manually checking on trailer location.
Powered by a built-in solar panel and battery, the system sends GPS data to the
KeepTruckin Dashboard every five minutes. It logs the GPS data every minute.

The Smart Dashcam is a dual-facing camera designed to record
what happens both on the road and in the cab. With video proof, managers can
more effectively coach drivers to improve driving behaviors. The system also
alerts drivers to safety issues. The company also offers a road-facing camera

All videos are stored locally and managers can retrieve
those that are not associated with a harsh acceleration, braking or cornering

“Smart devices inside and outside of the cab are creating
enormous data sets, but that data lacks context and isn’t actionable. Deploying
a modern fleet management solution integrates data from a rich variety of
sensors to create a full view of a fleet’s operations, ultimately providing
better utilization of assets and helping drivers make better decisions on the
road,” said Jai Ranganathan, vice president of product, KeepTruckin. “The
introduction of these two new hardware products is the next step forward in
building KeepTruckin’s broad portfolio of innovative solutions to make the
transportation industry safer and more efficient.”

Did you know?

UPS expects daily volumes to nearly double to 40 million
packages during peak season of November through January.


“Bringing Level 4 trucks to the public roads is a major step
toward our goal to deliver reliable and safe trucks for the benefit of our
customers, our economy and society.”

-Martin Daum, member of the Daimler AG Board of Management responsible for trucks and buses, on the company’s announcement that is has started testing Level 4 autonomous trucks in the U.S.

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Final Thoughts

This week is National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week, and we
should all take the time to thank a trucker. Whether we know one or not – and with
some 8 million or so people working in the transportation industry, we all probably
know someone – it’s important to remember that without truckers, goods do not
show up on store shelves, and the economy would screech to a halt. So if you
see a trucker, say thanks.

Hammer down everyone!