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is tackling visibility inside trailers with a new volumetric sensor to provide
remote monitoring of trailer capacity in real time. The company also announced
a new partnership with Omnitracs. Both
announcements were made this week at the American Trucking Associations’
Management Conference and Exhibition in San Diego.

volumetric sensor is equipped with a camera that provides clear images of the
inside of the trailer. The images are transmitted back to the SkyBitz SmartTrailer ecosystem, providing management
with photographic evidence of the available capacity inside a trailer. The
solution provides volumetric calculations for total cubic space as well as
total floor space.

data is critical to line haul customers that experience freight discrepancies
such as load capacity issues, damage claims or theft,” Henry Popplewell,
SkyBitz president, said. “Integrating this camera to our SmartTrailer ecosystem
allows customers to identify exact cubic space and capture crystal clear images
of freight, eliminating discrepancies that can lead to millions in lost

to SkyBitz, use of this information can assist customers in improving their
packaging for more efficient transport, as well as quickly identifying and
rectifying issues such as damage claims.

device can be mounted on a loaded or unloaded trailer, with full installation
of the entire system in under an hour, SkyBitz said. Images of the freight and
any volumetric data are captured and viewable through the SkyBitz asset
tracking portal InSight, along with other contextual telematics data. Images
can be captured based on the door sensor trigger, either on-demand or via a
user-defined parameter through the portal and are available for use in
transport management systems from the SkyBitz cloud, or by importing the actual
images into the customers’ system.

new partnership with Omnitracs will make trailer visibility and scheduling
tools, in-cab fleet management solutions, and other data available across
platforms in a consolidated format to expedite development of analytics and
automation processes.

partnership allows customers to access both in-cab and trailer telematics
devices, compiling the data received from the driver, vehicle, customer assets
and back-office systems for total visibility across the entire value chain.

commitment to the customer begins with the development of innovative solutions
that drive more internal efficiencies, which in essence translates to revenue
growth and improved customer satisfaction,” Popplewell said. “Our partnership
with Omnitracs will help customers better utilize more advanced tools across
their entire supply chain, regardless of whether they are optimizing their
driver and dispatch operation or their asset management environment. This
technology will improve their internal operation so they can focus on providing
the best external experience for their customers.”

will benefit from in-cab telematics and trailer telematics units communicating
directly with each other, providing both drivers and back-office personnel
immediate verification of tractor-trailer connections and enabling real-time
data sharing between systems. Additional driver, vehicle and asset management
tools will be available.

the SkyBitz partnership, Omnitracs is furthering its commitment to working with
industry-leading partners to provide paramount solutions to our customers and
the market at large,” Ray Greer, CEO at Omnitracs, said. “Integrating SkyBitz
trailer tracking solutions with our fleet capabilities allows us to continue to
focus on the open platform strategy of Omnitracs One and the consolidation of
data within the platform across the value chain.”