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“If you build it, they will come.”

They prophesy has come true as a multi-story warehouse building
built in Seattle by commercial real-estate giant Prologis (NYSE:
) has its first tenants: Amazon and Home Depot.

Amazon (NASDAQ:
) will take almost 500,000 square feet of space and Home Depot (NYSE:
) nearly 100,000, according to the Wall Street Journal. The three-story building
is reportedly 590,000 square feet and located minutes from downtown Seattle and
the port.

previously reported
that the first floor occupies more than 239,000 square
feet, has a 28-foot clear height, 130 truck courts, and 60 truck aprons. The
second floor, with more than 170,000 square feet, has a 24-foot clear height
and an elevated 130-foot court served by two ramps that can accommodate big
rigs. Level 3, at more than 180,000 square feet, has a 16-foot clear height and
two loading docks supported by three forklift-accessible freight elevators.

Vertical warehouses are not common in the U.S. – the Seattle
facility may be the first in America – but are growing more popular in Asia and
Europe. Typically, a vertical warehouse allows for more storage of goods closer
to their end destination.

A Home Depot spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that
was precisely what drove it to Prologis’ Seattle facility. The goal is to reach
90% of its shoppers with same-day or next-day delivery service and the only way
to achieve that is to locate warehouses closer to city centers. With land at a
premium for large, sprawling warehouses, going vertical is a logical solution.

E-commerce is playing a large role in the push to locate warehouses
closer to end customers, as well as low vacancy rates for existing facilities.

At least two other multi-story warehouse facilities are
planned for New York City.

Prologis Ventures, the venture capital arm of Prologis, is
an investor in FreightWaves.